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Michele Gennoe Shows

In this digital age it has never been more important for people to get to know, like and trust who you are and to understand what products and services you offer. To support our clients and potential clients with this we have created highly successful Shows and Video Resources.  

The Mindset Michele TV Show discusses what it takes to create a successful mindset with experts and guests from across industry, education and everyday life. These stories of courage and resilience will move you as you see that you too can empower yourself starting from wherever you are in life.

The Socrates Digital Garden Show discusses not just the latest and greatest in technological advances but also looks at what this means to you, your business and your community. Different co-hosts bring their unique insights and stories to the show as we examine some of the leading trends across the AI, Data and Digital fields.

The Mindful Moments with Michele series are a collection of videos to build your skills and knowledge about what are called ‘soft skills’ or emotional intelligence. Increasingly your ability as a leader to influence, inspire and motivate teams comes down to how authentically you know yourself.

To talk more about these Shows or discuss how we can create a bespoke series for your team or organisation, contact the team at Michele Gennoe for more information here.

Mindset Michele TV Show

Weekly at 12.30pm (AEDT) live across social media Michele interviews a different and fascinating special guest to see just what it is that it takes to build a Successful Mindset for a successful career, business and life.  

Join live on the day or see the replays of the show by clicking here.

Mindful Moments with Michele Inspirations

Take a Moment out of your busy to Relax, Refresh and Recharge from your busy life with a short, focused and fabulous videos full of tools and information to assist you.

Reconnect with you and what is happening throughout your day in these insightful videos with Mindful Moments Michele. Watch them anytime here.

Socrates Digital Garden

Socrates Digital Garden Show is a unique idea that draws inspiration from Socrates’ original garden.The show will feature a series of guests and experts sharing their insights, ideas, and reflections on various topics related to AI, Digital and Data.It is a space where we can come together to learn, explore, and engage in meaningful conversations

Join live on the day or see the replays of the show by clicking here.