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On Purpose Transformation Team

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Lead Consultant - Leadership and Transformation Specialist

In leading organisational, personal and professional change for over 20 years Michele has an unrivalled background of expertise and experience in assisting organisations and individuals to Thrive through change. With the increased pace of technological, societal and interpersonal change people need assistance to learn tools and techniques to better manage the change in their organisations and in their lives.

With expertise in leading transformation within the private, public and not for profit sectors globally Michele has developed, not only street smart wisdom and experience, but also specialist tools and techniques to successfully lead in today’s complex world. Through her transformation programs and speaking engagements Michele has become known as the “Mindful Leadership Lady”.

Senior Consultant- Business Storytelling Specialist

With increased global competition it’s more important than ever to communicate well and you need a communication strategy to reach your audience and articulate clearly through stories the value your firm brings.  Dale has been speaking and training for more than 20 years, helping organisations find a voice and bring their stories to life. It’s not only about demonstrating expertise, but about telling the stories that prove it.

With significantly growth aspirations, your company wants to become sought-after, well-paid experts in your field.  People find it difficult to think quickly on their feet and make an inherently dry subject matter interesting and engaging.  To create the step change you want, you need to build the presentation and communication skills of your staff. Dale is your specialist to help you learn how to Communicate with Impact, Authority & Credibility.

Senior Consultant- Online Reputation Specialist

Peter has become an online reputation specialist after many years of studying, working and leading both offline and online sales and marketing functions for organisations globally.  As a sales and marketing specialist, award winning author and highly sought after speaker, his insights and knowledge of how to increase sales and influence through building your online reputation are second to none.

His innate understanding of how the sales and marketing functions work together gives him a unique understanding of how to build online reputations.  The journey from meeting someone to knowing, liking and trusting them crosses over both of these function. With deep insights and expertise he has successfully guided many clients to build bigger brands and to influence larger numbers of people in their sector.

Senior Consultant- Team Building (Accountability) Specialist

Yvonne has a wide range of skills that draw on her deep knowledge and experience of working with leaders and their teams to build confidence, insights and trust. By drawing on an extensive toolbox of ‘soft skills’ she is able to utilise the best solutions to team building required for that team to be communicative, cohesive and successful.  Using an engaging and experiential approach for each teams requirements.

“While we wanted to improve communication skills our main purpose was to enhance esprit de corps as we cope with the pangs of high growth and rapid change. The courses were conducted in-house and quite simply the program has been a raging success. The benefits are clearly visible in terms of team spirit and enthusiasm. Staff members consistently report a better understanding of each other and the organization as a whole.”

Senior Consultant- Cultural Diversity Specialist

Najla is able to bridge the gaps between people at all levels, abilities, race and skills to help create an inclusive culture built on respect and differences of opinions, thought and behaviour. Not only does she have an in-depth understanding of cultural competence, management and diversity, Najla has a unique ability to break down or nudge many types of barriers such as  language, intergenerational, cognitive, cultural, sexuality and more.

Equipped with a sense of humour and diversity tools, Najla is a specialist at bringing out teams integrity, credibility, passion and skill.  For decades she has managed to engage individuals from over 150 countries and languages to openly discuss issues that undermine productivity, participation and profitability.  Najla has a creative style to help eliminate self-limiting beliefs, fear and procrastination through empowering and transforming people,

Senior Consultant- Core Skills for Future Work Specialist

Dean works with leaders to uncover your core skills that create current and future success and define your personal leadership style. He does not use conventional HR tools and techniques, instead working with individuals and teams to go deeper to discover their intuitive core skills and values. He then works with you to build on this awareness for a strong foundation to know self, create self and understand others.

A significant outcome of understanding your intuitive core skills and values is improved decision making.  Making better decisions is critical for determining your and your team’s future.  No one can accurately determine what jobs will exist in the future, with all the technological changes happening, but with Dean’s support you can develop those core skills that will best support you to thrive no matter what the future holds.