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Mindset Michele TV

Every week live across social media Michele interviews a different and fascinating guest to see just what it is that it takes to build a Successful Mindset to have a successful life. Live is raw and real as are many of her guests!

1. Carol O'Halloran

Fascinating chat with Carol O’Halloran on ageing, wellness and staying positive for an interesting, long and healthy life

Interesting conversation with Yvonne about speaking up for yourself and placing healthy boundaries around you

3. Lena Smarrelli

Learning as you go and giving things a a go is some what Lena shares in her accidental career as an Accountant

4. Nicole Harlow

Overcoming whatever life throws at you and being courageous to go for it are some of what Nicole shares

5. Azadeh Williams

Finding your calling and overcoming adversity is some of the interesting insights from Azadeh

6. IWD- Nina Sunday CSP

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our first guest of the week Nina talking about brain power

7. IWD- Monica Rosenfeld

Monica is this week’s second guest talking about getting your personal image and using great PR

8. IWD- Dr Mahler CSP

Louise is our guest today sharing her fascinating insights into using finding your voice to find your power

9. IWD- Angela Vithoulkas

A powerhouse of political, business and leadership issues, Angela chats today about what it takes to keep going

10. IWD- Kelley Wacher

Kelley is the final guest for IWD week and shares with us the magic she finds in life, in business and the joy in life

11. Kim Hewitt

From a global career to homeless to a thriving fitness business, Kim’s story will enlighten and uplift you

12. Dale Rees-Bevan

Competing at the World Championship of Public Speaking is all in a day’s work for Dale who chats about presenting


13. Sharon Connolly

Holding down a full time job and building a small business are all part of taking control of her future for Sharon

14. Adam Franklin

Acknowledging  your fear and doing it anyway is one of the key takeaways from Australia’s #1 LinkedIn coach

15. Julian Mather

Success can be defined as a lack of regret &, according to Julian, makes him one of the richest people in the room

16. Adam Axford

Celebrate your ‘Being’ with Adam,  Australia’s #1 Magician & wordsmith sharing his insights into transformation

17. Kate Burr

When using humour and courage to manage teams you can really shift the dynamics at work, according to Kate

18. Steve Hui

By being curious about why people do the things they do, Steve shares how these insights can expand your thinking

19. Najla Turk

Najla shares how your individual differences and diversity create your unique superpowers in the world

20. Chris Wildeboer

Are you caught up in the past, worrying about the future? Chris talks about how to live in the moment more & enjoy life

21. Sarah Denholm

Do you keep agreements you make with yourself? Sarah shares how to show up with consistency and courage daily

22. Ziggy Peter

Ziggy explores how finding your tribe, that resonates with you and your values, is an important foundation to your life

23. Roger McDonald

As a true word artist, Roger’s shares his insights is into how genuinely loving is the only real mindset tip that you need

24. Victor Peron

Victor demonstrates how Optimism can transform your mind and shares insights into grieving as an optimist

25. Sandy McDonald

Sandy talks about Stories that we tell ourselves, that we believe about our purpose, & if we appreciate ourselves

26. Edward Zia

Edward shares insights about service & giving when you literally have nothing to give and how it makes business sense

27. Rodney Marks

Watch the insights from Rodney on how to use Comedy successfully to stand out and connect to people more fully

28. Ortal Green
29. Brad Eisenhuth
30. Maree Thomas
31. Karen Thompson-Anderson
32. Tony Ryan
33. Gary Wohlman
34. Karen Porter
35. Andrew St John
36. Chris Weymouth
37. Warwick Merry
38. Joanna Zhang
39. Paul Mracek
40. David Moffet
41. Alan Stevens
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