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Mindful Moments with Michele

Take a Moment to Relax, Refresh and Recharge from your busy life with a short, focused and fabulous video full of tools and information to assist you in taking a Moment to Reconnect with You.  Start to reprogram your mind for success with the simple tools and examples in each of the short and entertaining videos in this series.

1. How to Detach Thoughts

Learn how to detach from your thoughts to become more of an observer not reactor to them

2. How to Master Emotions

Learn how to master your emotions to live more in the present in your life now fully embracing your range of emotions

3. How to Harness Your Energy

Learn how to take energy that has been going into fear and harness it towards your future and let it energise you

4. How to Find Purpose

Learn how to be find your purpose and use it as motivation throughout your day and to pull you forward in life

5. How to Practice Forgiveness

Learn to release old emotions and energy by practicing forgiveness each day towards yourself and others

6. How to Build a To-Me List

Learn how to focus on being kind to yourself by building a To-Me list that places you first and prioritises you

7. How to Say Yes to Life

Learn how to expand and grow by saying Yes to Life and opening up to opportunities each day as they arise

8. How to Positive Self-Talk

Learn the power of positive self-talk by reframing what you say to become a cheerleader of you and your life

9. How to use What If?

Learn how to use the powerful words What If? to see yourself winning every scenario in life and opening to options

10. How to practice Letting Go

Learn how to let go and still feel in control by looking at when you feel in and out of control in your daily life

11. How to Manage Fear

Learn how to manage (F)alse (E)xpectations (A)ppearing (R)eal and move through them to be free to thrive

12. How to Be Exquisitively Gentle

Learn how to Be Exquisitively Gentle with yourself by leaning into ever deeper levels of love and appreciation of self

13. How to Ask for What You Want

Learn how to Ask for What You Want with Clarity and Conviction so that you can receive what you need each day

14. How to Open to Receiving

Learn how to open graciously  to Receiving and feel comfortable when others are honouring and giving to you

15. How to know It Will Be Okay

Learn how to remember that with whatever is going on, that it too will pass and you will once again be okay 

16. How to Practice Daily Habits

Learn how to set up daily habits for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to build up your self-care

17. How to Listen more Deeply

Learn how to listen more deeply throughout the day – what is it that all your senses are telling you is present

18. Build Support Networks

Learn how to build at least 3 Support Networks where you feel like you belong and are a valued member of the group

19. Clearing Negative Thoughts

Learn how to clear negative thoughts as they come up so you can reclaim your energy and excitement each moment

20. How to Focus on Your Why

Learn how to create prompts around you so that you are reminded to come back and Focus on Your Why each day

21. Build Your Mental Health Plan

Learn the 3 steps to building your Mental Health Safety Plan to improve and strengthen your daily Mental Health

22. How to Build I Am Statements

Learn how to build I Am Statements to train your brain to counteract negativity around you and instead feel  ‘I Am Okay’

23. How to Breathe for Health

Learn how to Breathe for Better Health by breathing deeper in your diaphragm and using your breath consciously

24. How to Consciously Move

Learn how to build better conscious movement so that you can focus your physical energy and target it’s use more

25. How to Sparkle More in Life

Learn how to Sparkle More in Life with these 3 simple steps to support you to have more Sparkle through your day


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