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On Purpose- Mindful Leadership Experience Program

Do you know Why you are doing what you do?  Many people don’t they have ‘accidentally’ fallen into a career a profession.  It’s no surprise then that when they reach middle age they have a kind of life crisis as to whether what they are doing is really for them or not.

The Mindful Leadership Experience Program is an integral part of the Mindset Makeover suite of programs as we support you in identifying your ‘Why’, your reason and vision for life and the direction you want to be going in.

Most days as a leader you can feel like you are a passenger in an out of control car. So how do you get back in the drives seat of your life or job and live each day with more fun, focus and purpose? This Program shows you how! You are guided through a fun interactive program to take back control of your life, build your presence and to lead using your authentic voice. Talk to one of our specialist support team today to BE in the Drivers Seat of Life here.

Mindful Leadership Experience

Designed after extensive research and review, the Mindful Leadership Experience Program is a highly successful program built on 7 simple steps to take back control of your life.

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