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About Michele Gennoe

In a time of unprecedented change, stress and opportunities Michele and her team at On Purpose Transformation’s mission is to work with people in ways that can assist you to reconnect to the innate joy of your life.  You were not born to live life in a form of auto-pilot, working, sleeping and living each day as if the busy-ness and fast-pace of the day was an end result in itself 

You were born to live a life of joy, to grow and to thrive like the flowers in a field.  Yes there are seasons of sadness, pain and difficulties, but just as the sun returns fresh each day, these seasons pass.  Learning how to embrace and extend your seasons of joyfulness, to grow and thrive are the tools and skills that it is our mission to teach and facilitate-  It is our honour to serve you to Be Great, Be Fabulous and Be You! 

What is Michele's Story?

As a 7 year old child I lay in bed at night looking out the window at a star.  It was shiny and bright and would twinkle all night and made me feel connected to something bigger.  It was there every night when I would lay down to sleep. It felt so safe and reassuring.  I knew that it would be there for me- watching over me as I went to sleep.  It was the stability that I didn’t have anywhere else in my life and so it became my ‘North Star’.

As I grew up the star became more and more a part of me as I learnt how to take care of myself. Like an inner symbol representing peace, calm and stability.  When dad died in my 20’s, then mum a couple of years ago, my North Star was there to guide me through those troubled times. The grounding from the North Star also helped me to develop amazing organizational skills, independence and social skills that I relied on when building  stability and calm in my life.

As the years went by I realised that in my career I was working in roles to do with the same thing- creating stability and calm – helping individuals and organisations going through transformation and my role (whatever the title was) meant I was assisting leaders and their teams to return to the stability and calm that they needed to be able to manage the transformations in front of them, and to stay sane amongst the chaos. I found myself stepping in and leading people through chaos, empowering them to connect to their North Star.

My leadership development business, On Purpose Transformation, helps leaders find or reconnect to their North Star for ongoing success.  If you are surrounded by chaos and disruption in your life then  connecting to yours, will help you lead yourself and those around you, from a place of stability and calm.

We all need to find and connect with our own North Star and follow our path through life and organisational transformation. By using the latest in leadership, digital innovation and change management, my team and I can support you to navigate your way and empower you in building ongoing success.