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Your daily challenges can leave you feeling many days like you are a passenger in an out of control car, rather than confidently leading each day to its fullest.

Our Resilience, Influence and Purpose learning programs have been designed especially for you to get you back in the drivers seat of your life living each day with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction.

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Resilience Training

Learn the skills you need to transform stress into calm, anxiety into focus and to build more self control in your life so that your days flow by

Build Self Control

Influence Training

Build a strong personal brand that gives you the communication, confidence and clarity tools to stand out and be noticed by your peers and your industry

Build Self Confidence

Purpose Training

Your life and your legacy are important. You are here to make a difference for those around you with your unique gifts and to live a life of purpose

Build Self Worth

Why do an Online Course?

To be successful you need a competitive edge by continually learning and improving your skills.  An Online Training Program is an effective way to gain more skills at a time and convenience that suits your lifestyle.  Using a proven framework you are guided through a fun interactive program to take back control of your life, build your presence and to lead using your authentic voice.

How do the courses work?

Once you have signed up to the course you will receive detailed instructions and then your first learning module.  After that you will receive the second module one week later, and the third one week after that.  Until you have completed all of the course modules.

“Michele brings an holistic approach… and there’s a level of honesty, a level of awareness, that makes this online training unique”

CEO, Connected Resources

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