Mindful Leadership

At there is an elegant and simplified leadership book that everyone from those starting on their leadership journey through to the seasoned veteran can enjoy. Mindful Leadership is the book that gives you a wonderful framework upon which to build and develop your leadership skills. Combining strategic thinking, interviews with outstanding leaders and self-reflection skills to assist you to learn throughout the book.  

Your journey begins with finding your Purpose, then moves into translating this into Passions for what you do.  It then moves on to how to refine your decision making Pathways and how to lead People.  Next is creating Prosperity, before looking at how to Pause and recharge before bringing these seven steps together by looking at your Leadership Presence.

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“I love the fact that she has put into a really easy read what once only million dollar corporations could afford”

Danielle Lehrer, Founder, Forex Nation World’s 1st Charity Forex Broker

Supporting Opportunity International Australia

Mindful Leadership proudly supports Opportunity International Australia. A portion of the proceeds from each book will be used to make a difference to mothers living in developing countries by providing small loans to families through Opportunity. With 98% of loans repaid and then recycled, your impact continues year after year, helping families leave poverty behind.

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