Mindful Moments with Michele

Take A Moment Out of Your busy Life

Take a Moment to Relax, Refresh and Recharge from your busy life with a short, focused and fabulous video full of tools and information to assist you in taking a Moment to Reconnect with You

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What is Mindfulness?

Learn how to be present to your thoughts, feelings and emotions in each and every moment

What are Feelings/ Emotions?

Learn how to choose between feelings and emotions and why they are different

Harness Your Energy

Take your energy that may have been going into fear and use it to move towards your future

Build your Purpose Muscles

Learn how to be more present and connect to your life purpose in each and every moment

Create a “To Me” List

Learn to create a “To Me” list of things your want to do and give yourself these gifts

What is Forgiveness?

Forgive and free yourself from the past as a gift to you of letting go and living each day fresh

Do a Mindful Health Check

A Mindful Health Check will help you to get back in the drivers seat of your life

Technology Free Day

The first step to improving your Mindful Health is having a technology free day

A Day in Nature

The second step to improving your Mindful Health is reconnecting with nature

Experience Greater Leadership for Yourself

Looking to discover and action the best tools to support you in developing your leadership skills, tribes and voice then take the first step to finding out more

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