Who is Mindful Michele?

Who is Michele Gennoe?

Michele’s purpose is to empower you to connect to your vision by having fun so that you can live a more focused and fabulous life!

She came to embrace this as a purpose after over 20 years of working globally in senior leadership roles across corporate, government and not for profit sectors as a trusted advisor and consultant.   Whilst at the same time pursuing her own self-development in many different forms that ranged from completing a Masters in Spiritual Science through to learning stand-up comedy at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

Out of this combination of transformation by having fun in all its professional and personal forms she developed the Mindful Leadership framework which serves as the underlying foundations for her company On Purpose Transformation.

Michele has seen that over time the way that we lead and manage businesses has changed rapidly and evolved into an age where we are almost drowning in the information available whilst being thirsty for the wisdom behind it. That wisdom she believes is inside each and every one of us and her role is to assist you to have fun in your life and to remember why you are here and what you were born to achieve

Michele’s Mission

In a time of unprecedented change, stress and opportunities Michele’s mission is to work with people in ways that can assist you to reconnect to the innate joy of your life.  You were not born to live life in a form of auto-pilot, working, sleeping and living each day as if the busy-ness and fast-pace of the day was an end result in itself 

You were born to live a life of joy, to grow and to thrive like the flowers in a field.  Yes there are seasons of sadness, pain and difficulties, but just as the sun returns fresh each day, these seasons pass.  Learning how to embrace and extend your seasons of joyfulness, to grow and thrive are the tools and skills that Michele has made her mission to teach and facilitate.  It is her humble honour to serve you

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“Michele brings an holistic approach… and there’s a level of honesty, of awareness, that makes this unique- there’s a lot on offer”


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