Building Your Brand

Personal Branding

Do you have a Personal Brand?  Do you have any idea what your Personal Brand Is?  Does it need to be updated to bring you more Success?

Personal branding helps you be more successful in business and in life. By mastering the subtleties of defining what you as a brand are and presenting this more effectively, workshop participants emerge with a commanding presence that enables them to present themselves and their brand more powerfully to clients and colleagues at all levels.

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Your Brand Video

Building Your Brand begins with creating the most important sales tool you have today- your “Brand Video”.  This is your calling card when applying for jobs, presenting yourself to industry and positioning you as the go-to person.

Think of the “Kardashians’. “Richard Branson” or even “Gary Vee”, much of their online presence comes from the videos you see of them in social media.  Start building Your professional brand using video today.  Find out more about how to do it here


Your Coaching sessions are designed to focus on tools and techniques to develop your authentic leadership voice.  As a leader, you need strong influencing skills to lead and develop teams who will listen and follow your unique ‘voice’.

Each of our programs is tailored to your specific needs and delivers the solid foundations for developing your leadership ‘voice’.

Having fun is built into your program and is an important part of the experimental design of each of your coaching sessions

Why Work With a Coach?

A leadership coach is someone that can work with you to grow and develop your skills, habits and behaviours as a leader.  Just like you had different teachers throughout your years of schooling, you need coaches to support you when you go through some of the complex stages of your career and during some of life’s more significant milestones and challenges

How does your Coaching Process Work?

Step 1
Your journey begins with a  Leadership Diagnostic assessment to get further insights into your goals and intentions for coaching.  By completing the assessment you may discover what are your priorities for coaching and other areas you want to explore.
Step 2
Once you have a clearer idea of what your leadership coaching goals are, you are then invited to apply for entry to your specialised fun coaching program.  There are many applications received each year for entry to these leadership programs and there is a highly competitive selection process.
Step 3
Once accepted you begin working with your leadership coach and progress through your individualised fun program.  Building over time on your goals for what you want to get out of your sessions and program to ensure you are on track to success.

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