Testimonials about Michele Gennoe

“Michele is a high level changemaker that can come in and help you transform the way that you do business…. The work that she does in transforming corporations in Australia and around the world is profound”

“I found Michele to be very passionate about what she does. Trying to help people through change…. It was quite easy working with her”

“The journey in dealing with Michele was fantastic as she is such a giving person… She has a business and book based on connecting with people and that really resonates with me”

“Michele has taken a fairly innovative approach to leadership…and her book completely reflects her values which is heart-warming and pleasing “

” I like her passion and this really is a really meaningful and strong platform that she has got so many people on board to work with her and I am really proud of what she is doing”

“I think that she has done a fantastic job of bringing together a large group of people who are leaders in their industries and teaching them about why is it important to be mindful in the way that you go about leading your organisation”

“Michele is a fabulous human being, she understands thoughtful, mindful leadership and she is really passionate about delivering that message to the world… Really inspired by her”

“I’m really impressed with Michele and her book… In talking about the 7 P’s of Mindful Leadership… I think it is really something that will resonate with a lot of executives”

“Michele brings an holistic approach… and there’s a level of honesty, a level of awareness, of mindfulness that Michele grasps really well”

“Michele is a changemaker and its her background of 30 years working in corporate plus her background of working with people on a personal development level that really works”

“I met Michele through another organisation she was working for at the time. ¬†She felt the work I was doing in the renewable energy space was important for her book”