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On Purpose Consulting provide Leadership Development Services which are designed to improve leadership effectiveness and business performance.  Research has consistently found a strong correlation between the style of leadership and the success of the business.  To improve business results requires training and refinements to the style of leadership being used.  

Effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders  and when an organisation continues to underperform in an industry then the focus goes to the underperforming leadership group and their style of management.

Leaders have typically gained extensive training and development for the technical skills which relate to their industry, however research has shown that effective leadership also requires skills in the areas of Strategic, Emotional and Relationship Intelligence for the leader to be able to lead successfully.  Areas which invariably many leaders who are technically well trained can struggle with as they transition to more senior roles.

On Purpose Consulting works with leaders to create mastery in the areas of Strategic, Emotional and Relationship Intelligence using a 7 part framework.  The framework enables a wholistic approach which supports and accelerates transformative shifts in leadership style.


Mindful Leadership Coaching Program

The happy young man and the solar skyTo be a more mindful leader takes time, commitment and a willingness to learn the core Strategic, Emotional and Relationship leadership intelligence skills over a period of time. The Mindful Leadership Coaching Program methodologically progresses through the 7 Parts to be a mindful leader over a period of 7 months.  Progressing through one part a month whilst building on each step, the program is an effective way for leaders to become more successful and inspirational leaders.

Gold Mindful Leadership Coaching Investment

Over 7 months the Gold Mindful Leadership Coaching Investment includes:

  • 2 sessions per month to clarify intentions and keep on track to get powerful results
  • Your coach right there working with you for 60 minutes each session to reach your goals
  • Email and phone support between sessions

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Mindful Leadership Workshops

There are so many different definitions and meanings to mindfulness that the first thing that this series of workshops does is demystify what is mindful leadership and why is it so important.  The remainder of the workshop is then tailored to the target audience and explores Mindful Leadership tools and techniques.  Examples of this are Corporate Mindful Leadership, Mindful Leadership at Work and the Leadership for Women workshops.

Mindful Leadership Indicator (MLI)Final 2

Many workshops utilise the Mindful Leadership Indicator (MLI) pre-questionnaire to determine where mindfulness is being used and not being used in the organisation.  For example how mindful as a leader are you being with emails, meetings etc.   The results of the questionnaire are then compared against the Mindful Leadership Framework in the seven areas of, Purpose, Passion, Pathways, People, Prosperity, Pausing and Presence.

What goals do you have and what is hindering you from achieving those goals?

What strategic goals does your business have and how can mindful goals align with these and support their achievement?  What increased opportunities are there for your business if staff retention increased, productivity increased and the organisation grew financially each quarter?

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Mindful Leadership Consulting

Businesses planning organisational transformations require assistance to embed mindfulness elements into that transformation.  With nearly 30 years experience in leading and transforming organisations in three continents, and for 27 different industry sectors, Michele Gennoe is able to offer unparalleled expertise in assisting organisations to add mindfulness into to their organisational change.

This service is offered under two styles of consulting;

Trusted advisor consultingButterfly and picture of world and Michele Gennoe and On Purpose Consulting

These services are confidential consulting sessions to leaders and their teams to assist in strategic planning, organising and implementing mindful activities and programs within the organisation

Noted advisor consulting

These services are offered as promotional consulting sessions to leaders and their teams to assist in strategic planning, organising and implementing mindful activities and programs within the organisation when those activities are a part of a promotional program to position the organisation as a ‘mindful’ organisation who is leading the industry in their mindfulness activities

Other forms and styles of consulting are available on application to selected clientele.

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Mindful Leadership Mentoring

Mindful Leadership Mentoring is offered to leaders who are looking to build on their current level of mindful style of leadership and those that have urgent requirements due to situations and circumstances.  This service is offered under two styles of mentoring or a hybrid of each can be used as different needs and requirements arise due to changing circumstances.  The two styles of mentoring are;

man and womanImprove your current mindful style of leadership

Leaders who have some experience or exposure to mindfulness and who want to improve their expertise in this field can apply to join the mindful leadership mentoring program.  There is a limited number of mentoring positions offered each year to ensure that quality is maintained with each of these offerings.

Urgent situational assistance for a mindful style of leadership

To assist with urgent and time-constrained situations mindful leadership mentoring is offered to a select few individuals or organisations who require short term assistance with difficult situations which require mindful attention to resolve.  There are a limited number of mentoring opportunities for this type of service and each application is considered on its own individual merits.

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Mindful Leadership Interactive 12 Month Program

A comprehensive 12 month interactive mindfulness program to transform your business and your life by developing your leadership style to be a more mindful inspirational leader in business and in life.

Each Mindful Leadership Program is tailored to your requirements and managed by a dynamic group of extraordinary people who are committed to supporting you and your organisation to achieve your highest potential to be successful, profitable and mindful inspirational leaders.

If you are serious about becoming an inspiring leader then join us for the Mindful Leadership Program!

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