Presenting Brand Me


Integrating Modules 1 to 6 into your Brand- your “Brand Me”.


Clarity about online and offline Brand, Image, Attitude, Confidence and Authenticity.

Learning Objective:

What is Presence? The Presence Model Why is Presence important for a Leader? Brand Me Excerpt from interview with Danielle Lehrer, Founder Forex Nation.

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Presence is indefinable but is felt by people around someone who exhibits it The Presence Model is made up of a person’s image, their confidence, their attitude and the degree to which they are living aligned with purpose Presence is important for a leader. As the representative of the organisation it can determine relationships with staff, clients and other stakeholders Social media means that a leader’s presence in all areas of their life needs to be managed and maintained.

General Description:

Reflective questions

Exercise: Module Integration

Do you think that you have any Presence? Why? Why Not? If you wanted to improve your image, confidence or attitude what would you do? Are there things that you can do so that your Presence is more aligned with your Purpose? Have you done a social media audit to see what information and images are out there about you? What sort of Presence do you want to be known for? How are you going to create this?


1. Taking Action

Find Your People Meditation

2. Connecting to your Presence

Guided Exercise


Presence Workbook


Workbook to accompany Module Seven

Presence Checklist


Checklist to see how you are going in all the different areas of your Presence

Celebration Wall


Instructions for setting up a celebration wall at home

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