Follow Your Purpose


Understand your “Why”.


Know your meaning or purpose in life.

Learning Objective:

Definition of Purpose Why is it important to know your purpose now? The Living on Purpose Model Why Purpose is essential for Leaders Excerpt from interview with Gordon Cairns, Chairman David Jones and Origin Energy.

Next Step:

Module 2


Your Purpose can reflect any area of your life Purpose is important to give meaning to life In living on Purpose the focus is on being your authentic self, and you don’t have to do or have anything for this Purpose is essential for Leaders to be able to lead others.

Exercise: Module Integration

What is it about your job, family, friends, hobbies that reflects you? What are three of the most significant things to happen in your life? If a significant event was to happen in your life tomorrow (death, divorce, crisis of meaning) what would you choose to do for the rest of your life? What is stopping you doing what you answered in 3? What is your purpose?


Title: Stop It

Skit by Bob Newhart called “Stop It”.


1. Taking Action

Find Your Purpose Meditation

2. Connecting to Your Life Purpose

Guided Exercise


Purpose Workbook


Workbook to accompany Module One

Purpose Exercise- Bucket List


Create your Bucket List

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