Follow Your Passion


Understanding “What” you do.


Know what you do and don’t want to do in life.

Learning Objective:

Definition of Passion Why is it important to know your Passion now? The Living your Passion Model Why is Passion essential for Leaders Excerpt from interview with Ben Faiz, MD Advanced ECO Solutions.

Next Step:

Module 3


Passion is the energy that fuels activities in your life Understanding your unconscious programmes from childhood and other influences can assist in then changing them In doing activities, do them for yourself, for others and for your higher power Passion is essential for leaders to be able to define what to do so that they and their teams can align with it.

General Description:

Reflective questions

Exercise: Module Integration

Are you leading the life you thought that you would be leading? Or is it a life that came out of other people’s expectations? How does your integrity determine what is acceptable or not acceptable to you? In answering question 2 what does it say about what you are passionate about doing in life, or not passionate about doing as well? In communities or hobbies that you are involved in, how do they reflect your integrity and your passions? What in your current world does not match with your integrity but is accepted practice? What does this do to your passion for that activity? For life?


Title: Jim Carrey’s Inspirational Speech

Jim Carrey makes an inspiring speech at the 2014 MUM Graduation.

Title: Decision Making Example

Practical example of Exercise 3 from book. Moving between different chairs to show decision making process.


1. Taking Action

Find Your Passion Meditation

2. Connecting to Your Life Passion

Guided Exercise


Passion Workbook


Workbook to accompany Module Two

Passion Exercise- Sleeping with your Conscious


Create your Decision List

Mind Clearing


Mind Clearing exercise

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