Find Your Prosperity


Determine what ‘richness’ means in your life.


Understand your “Rich”. Know what giving and receiving means to you so that you have a rich life.

Learning Objective:

What is Prosperity? The Cycle of Giving and Receiving Giving and Receiving Model Why it is important to give back as a Leader Excerpt from interview with Ruth Medd, Chair Women on Boards.

Next Step:

Module 5


Prosperity is having a mixture of elements like wealth, health and social relationships, etc. The Giving and Receiving Model shows how this is an ongoing process for prosperity and return on investment (ROI) in all areas of life Giving is the same as paying it forward It is important to give back as a leader in practical ways to all your stakeholders Connect with others like a Na’vis (from the movie Avatar) would, ‘I see you’ Give back in ways that align with your purpose.

General Description:

Reflective questions

Exercise: Module Integration

Where is it that you give in your life (time, money, effort)? Where is it that you receive in your life (time, money, effort)? Are there areas that seem a bit like the Dead Sea in that you receive more than you give? Are there areas in which it seems like you give more than you receive? If there was one area of service to humanity, to the planet, that you could do in your life what would it be and how can you do it?


1. Taking Action

Find Your Prosperity Meditation

2. Connecting to your Prosperity

Guided Exercise


Prosperity Workbook


Workbook to accompany Module Five

Free Form Writing


Free Form Writing Exercise

Gratitute Journaling


Gratitude Journaling exercise

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