Find Your Pathways


Determine your decision making pathways.


Understand your “How”. Know how you want to make decisions in your life.

Learning Objective:

Definition of Pathways Why Pathways are important to know in decision-making The Pathways SIMPLE decision-making Model Why Pathways are essential Excerpt from interview with Martin Martinez, founder APL and Entrepreneur Card.

Next Step:

Module 4


Pathways are the different decisions that you make, it is the ‘how’ part of life Understanding how you make a decision is important, is it structured or is it intuitive? How do you use information from both these areas? The Pathways SIMPLE decision-making Model assists in understanding if you are using structured of intuitive decision making To change the results of your decisions you need to change the how (the pathway) you use to make that decision.

General Description:

Reflective questions.

Exercise: Module Integration

When making decisions, are you aware when it is based on your habits (structured thinking) and when it is based on your intuition (your gut)? Can you see in others when they make decisions based on their habits (structured thinking) and when it is based on their intuition (their gut)? When you were given something that at the time you thought you couldn’t handle, what happened afterwards? How comfortable are you with your decisions after you have made them? If there was one thing that you would do differently when making decisions, what would that be?


1. Taking Action

Find Your Pathways Meditation

2. Connecting to Your Life Pathways

Guided Exercise


Pathways Workbook


Workbook to accompany Module Three

Training the Mind


Random text from books or magazine is used to train the mnd to see how it is attracting what it is placing out there energetically

Mind Mapping


How to do Mind Mapping exercise

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