Mindful Leadership Book

Mindful Leadership book

Michele Gennoe is a woman on a mission…

She is passionate about helping leaders to be more mindful so they can live both meaningful and profitable lives by following the 7 Steps, Purpose, Passion, Pathways, People, Prosperity, Pausing and Presence, to be a mindful Leader.

As human beings we are always trying to understand why we are here.

Finding a Purpose for our lives and translating that into a Passion is what adds many layers of richness of experience.  As leaders we are constantly making decisions and refining our Pathways to simplify our decision-making processes.   

We want to be inspirational and move with People we are leading towards a worthwhile vision, creating Prosperity for ourselves and others as we do so.

This journey is enhanced by Pausing to renew ourselves with moments of mindfulness.

All these elements would then combine into what we put forward through our Presence as the ‘brand me’ of our leadership style.

These are the same human elements that philosophers and poets throughout the history of mankind have been discussing and debating in their own ways.

Highlights from the Mindful Leadership Book Launch

Testimonials about the Mindful Leadership Book

 “I love the fact that she has put into a really easy read what once only million dollar corporations could afford”

“I am really impressed with Michele and her book… it will resonate with a lot of executives”

“I really like the way that she set the book out and the bits of learning you get throughout the book”

Support Opportunity International Australia!

Opportunity International Australia Image

Mindful Leadership proudly supports Opportunity International Australia. A portion of the proceeds from each book will be used to make a difference to mothers living in developing countries by providing small loans to families through Opportunity.

With a loan as small as $70 to buy a sewing machine or seeds to plant a vegetable farm, families are able to start their own business and transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

With 98% of loans repaid and then recycled, your impact continues year after year, helping families leave poverty behind.

Click here to find out more or to donate directly to Opportunity International Australia: http://opportunity.org.au/

John Hagerty shares how he came to be involved with Opportunity International in this excerpt from his speech at the Mindful Leadership Book launch

People interviewed for the Mindful Leadership Book

In late 2014 the Mindful Leadership book was launched to a resounding success.  Some of the special guests at the launch included senior mindful leaders who had been interviewed and were involved in the book.

Ruth Medd, Director at Women on Boards, commented “I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Michele”

Ben Faiz, MD Advanced Eco Solutions,  commented “All the hardships, the challenges, how one deals with the challenges, we talked about in the interview and I think that the book will be an absolute success”

Mindful Leadership Book Launch

The Mindful Leadership Book Launch was held in late 2014 in Sydney Australia to a select group of supporters and senior leaders.

World class entertainment was provided by virtuoso pianist Bradley Gilchrist and Soprano Elizabeth Smalley performing “The Dream” by Edvard Grieg

Michele Gennoe, author Mindful Leadership and CEO of On Purpose Consulting, welcomed guests and invited them to connect mindfully at the book launch

Special guest speaker Ruth Medd, Director at Women on Boards, presented a thoroughly enjoyable speech on being an Inspirational Leader

And special guest from Opportunity International, John Hagerty, gave a heartfelt speech as to how he became involved with the charity and the work that it does

Mindful Leadership Book Awards

Shortly after launch Mindful Leadership won its first award from Key Person of Influence for 2014 in the Publish category

book awardbook award with neil


 and was able to celebrate this success with one of the people interviewed for the book, Neil Thompson,CEO, Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia