Why you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought?

There is more and more evidence that energy and thoughts are very powerful forces in people’s lives.  There are a number of populist and scientific points of view being put forward that discuss how thoughts can influence people’s lives.

One point of view looks at thoughts and describes them as being about what you focus on, you then get.  This is where the setting of intentions, doing affirmations, treasure maps, scrap books and other activities that bring your thoughts into a clear focus on one thing can lead to reaching that goal.water drop with butterfly

The movie ‘The Secret’ became a world-wide phenomenon by presenting this idea in the form of focusing on attracting what you wanted into your life.  The film argued that if you want more success in your life then it was a matter of changing your thoughts, which then changed your energy, to then attract more success into your life.

Even the highest levels of physics now study the effects of energy and people’s thoughts.  One of the most well-known experiments was conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto in the 1990’s who experimented with the cellular structure of water and how it changed.  His results showed that positive influences changed the waters cellular structure in a positive way and that negative influences changed it in a negative way.

Whatever your beliefs or perspective about thoughts that influence, change, or attract, the mindful approach to thoughts  is that they are there to be observed and that it is the practice of letting go of your attachment to thoughts that is where the real control over your energy is.  By not becoming attached to either a positive thought, or a negative thought, and remaining neutral to them all, then you are able to observe them for what they truly are, just a thought.

Imagine if you had a positive thought, or a negative thought, and were detached enough to just observe it.  Instead of becoming emotionally attached to it and then feeling either happy or sad, there would be no emotional engagement at all.  It would become something that was observed that may or may not be true and that did not affect how you were in that moment.