What is the Return on Investment (ROI) from Mindful Leadership?

Return on Investment (ROI) in a business context refers to the measurable quantification of successful terms of returns in money, time or resources from doing a specific investment in an activity.  Research has been completed into how mindfulness can influence the ROI in some of these areas.

In terms of money as an ROI, increased rates of retention, employee satisfaction and overall engagement has been shown to lead to increased Green energy conceptproductivity and even more importantly improved experiences for customers.  These improved experiences for customers then flow onto the bottom line of increased sales.

In terms of time as an ROI, the time spent by staff in their day doing activities, attending meetings and responding to emails, is used in more productive ways with mindfulness.  In having greater focus in the moment staff then manage their diaries better, are more focused in meetings and prioritise emails.

In terms of resources as an ROI, the energy levels of staff are greatly increased when they have more awareness of how their mind, body and state of being are throughout the day.  If staff are taking breaks, eating well and doing some form of movement during the day, then their energy levels will stay up and this leads to increased productivity.  In terms of operational resources these are also used in more targeted and efficient manners due to the clearer and more focused thinking of the staff that are using them.

Perhaps the most critical area for a ROI in mindful leadership is that in doing the practice of meditation, and becoming an observer of emotions, thoughts and feelings, the person then starts to observe their attachment to ROI elements themselves.  And in becoming more aware of their attachments to these elements can then detach from them.  Then in this state of detachment the person can see more clearly that their current focus of achieving goals, hitting targets and completing projects, may not be all there is to focus on in their lives.