What is Positive Thinking?

When people have thoughts and they are thinking they can choose to either do positive or negative thinking.  The positive or negative approach of the thought is chosen by the person having the thought at the time of thinking.  If no meaning is given to the thought then it is just a thought or thinking.

When people have a negative thought it may be that they are choosing to look at the thoughts and either worry, stress, or expect something that they do not want to happen based on that thought.  When people have a positive thoughtglass and butterfly it may be that they are choosing to look at the thoughts and expecting something that they want to happen based on that thought.

The classic example of choosing a positive or negative approach to a thought is the question as to whether the glass is half empty or half full.  The glass empirically by scientific evidence has a certain amount of liquid in it which reaches half way up the glass.  It is the approach chosen to this thought that determines if it is half empty or full.  The thought itself does not change the scientific evidence.

The choice of thought itself is important in that it can either make you feel happy or feel upset or depressed.  This is where positive thinking can have benefits of greater health and wellbeing.  It does not change the scientific evidence of what is present but it can affect your body physiology in a beneficial or negative way.

It is best to remember that a thought is just a thought and that it is your choice as to how to put an approach onto it.  There are different ways to look at scientific evidence and facts.  And that with different perspectives something that may have looked negative may be positive and can also be vice versa.