What is Positive Focus?

People have thoughts and a collection of them is called thinking. When choosing to put a positive meaning on them then this is called positive thoughts.  The opposite of this is called negative thoughts.  And it is normal in daily life that people have a collection of both types of thoughts.

Many approaches to thought management promote the idea of positive thinking, ie taking thoughts and putting a positive meaning to them so that they become positive thinking.  Unfortunately when negative, challenging or difficult situations then arise people are left wondering why they had these positive thoughts that did not seem to work.

Another approach has beeMy beautiful picturen to bring each of the thoughts into a more balanced or
neutral state.  This means that if negative thoughts or positive thoughts come then up, then focus has then been to bring these thoughts into a neutral state.  In this way the person is not getting caught up in the thought and is detaching themselves from it into a more balanced state.

Humans are emotional beings and can get caught up in the emotions of the thoughts as well.  So a third approach is what is called posit
ive focus.  In this approach to thoughts it understands that people will have both positive and negative thoughts and that they then also have emotional reactions that go with these thoughts.  And that the approach is then that of choosing a positive focus with each thought.

A positive focus does not then make a negative thought (or challenging, difficult or negative experience) wrong, but acknowledges that they are a part of everyday human life and the choice then is to take whatever is happening and to focus in the positive overall.  The health benefits to people that take a positive focus are many as they enjoy less stress, better health and more fulfilling relationships.