What is Mindful walking?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how did I get here?  Did you last remember being somewhere and then when you focused in on where you were again realised that you had walked somewhere and not realised it?  Or had a conversation with someone and been walking along and not seen the passing scenery or noticed the passing time and arrived at your destination surprised that you were now there?

All of these actions are where your mind or focus has been elsewhere and not on the activity of walkingBusiness People Commuter Walking City Concepts and being observant of the journey as you were walking.  In Mindful walking the opposite is true and you are aware of each moment in the journey as you are walking.

The first thing that would be noticed is the scenery changing as you are walking along.  The sights, sounds and experience of the environment are heightened as you are now tuned into these as a part of the walk.  The weather and if it is sunny, cold, windy, hot, are also now a part of the walk being taken.

The experiences of your body as you are tuning into the walk become more noticeable.  As there is a focus on moving your legs and arms the sensations become clearer and more noticeable.  If there are aches, pains, or other noticeable parts of your body that are tense, then these areas also become more noticeable.

As you begin focusing more on the walk itself your thoughts also become more noticeable and clearer as other thoughts, not related to the walking, drop away.  This training of focusing on one thing, the walking, becomes a great way of practicing this type of mental focus for other areas in life as well.  The Mindful walking then assist with mindfulness in other areas as well.

There is a great expression about how it is important in life to stop and smell the daisies every now and then.  This is very similar to the idea of stopping and being present when you are walking, and enjoying the journey in your own life that you are on.