What is Mindful talking?

There are a few popular sayings that reflect being mindful about what you say which range from the ‘if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all’, through to the ‘count to ten before opening your mouth’.  Both saying which encourage taking more thought about what you are about to say before saying it.

This is important as sometimes the initial comments that come out of your mouth when talking may not be the best thought through ones or be mindful of what you are seeking to achieve.  In mindful talking this is even more important as it is practicing being aware of what you are saying in an ongoing conversation.  This means connecting in to a few areas to assess what is going on for you.Angry busines sman screaming at employee

The first area to connect into is your feelings.  How are you feeling when you are talking to someone?  What people are saying does not always match what they are saying.  For example, someone may be obviously angry or upset but say that they are fine.  If you are feeling like the other person is obviously not fine then it would be important to gently check this out.  Also, if you are angry or upset but telling people you are fine then it is important to understand and be mindful of why you are not being honest with yourself or others.

The second area to connect into is your intuition.  What do you sense or what is your gut telling you as you are talking.  Are you in danger, is there something else happening in the conversation that you need to be paying attention to or is there something just not right.  All of these inner knowing signs need to also be paid attention to as well.

So in paying attention to what you say and tuning in to your emotions and intuition you will be having conversations where you are talking in a more mindful way.  These will enable you to connect more authentically and deeply with other people as you are now mindfully connecting firstly to yourself and then talking mindfully to others.