What is Mindful Movement?

When you are moving around during the day most of the time you are not that conscious or aware of what you are doing of what is happening with your body. This is especially true when you are knocking into things and stubbing your toes, etc.  To avoid being so unaware of what your movements are doing it is important to practice Mindful Movement.

Mindful Movement is the practice of moving in a mindful way.  Some dance and therapeutic styles combine focus and movement as a part of their techniques.  NIA, Feldenkras, Yoga and many martial arts practices are examples of this.  These all use the focus of the mind and the movement of the body in a structured way.Pose yoga

The focusing of the mind on the moving of the body is something that people automatically do when they have sprained or hurt part of their body but rarely do when all the body parts are working fine.  When focusing on movement when the part of the body working well then it helps to attune to what that feels like.

Whether it is through martial arts or some form of everyday movement the practice of bringing your mind to that movement is like doing exercise in the gym.  The more that you practice it the better that you get.  In that way you can connect for example to the food that you are eating and the feelings from walking on different surfaces like grass compared to concrete.  In noticing these differences and being mindful of them you are training your mind to discern how your body is with the different experiences.

Another method of training the mind for mindful movement that is used in life coaching is the technique of focusing on a part of the body and then exteriorising that part.  Next the person then talks to that body part it as if it were a person sitting in front of them.  In this way that body part can talk back and voice what may be going on for it at that point in time. The focus, movement and interaction combined, all assist in connecting with that body part and understanding what is going on for it.

By learning and understanding Mindful Movement it can assist in living a much more expanded and fuller life where all levels of the experiences that people are having are being experienced.  So not only are they eating the food, they are tasting it and feeling the sensations through their body as they eat it.  As they are walking down the street they are connected to how their body feels and how the different surfaces change the experience of walking. All different parts of feeling more alive and connected to their life than ever.