What is Mindful Goal Setting?

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, make businesses goals for their business, and there has been a lot written about the importance of making goals as a direction to go in.  This goal setting can lead down a path, or a road, that is taken to achieve them.  And without the goal this direction would not have been taken.

A popular form of goal setting is the ‘SMART’ process where each of the goals is assessed against different areas.  The ‘S’ is about if the goal is specific, the ‘M’ is about if the goal is measurable, the ‘A’ is about if the goal is assignable to someone, the ‘R’ is about if the goal is realistic and the ‘T’ is about the time to achieve the goal.  Butterfly in a boxIt is important to quantify each of these SMART areas as well as to have non-quantifiable components as well.  What is important is to write them down and then determine how you would go about doing them.

The process of writing them down and determining how you would go about doing them is where the mindfulness comes in.  So when first determining that you wish to do some goal setting the first step is to create a space and time in which to do it in.  You will need to clear away other distractions and interruptions so that you can focus just on that task for that period of time.

Secondly, it is important to list out all of the potential goals so that each of them can be evaluated on their own merits and on how they all would fit into together as a whole.  In spending this preparation time of brainstorming all of the potential options early on, then many things that may have come up later are already captured.  It also gives a better view and understanding how in selecting the goals they can all come together as a whole to support each other.

The final step to the selection Mindful Goals is to visualise how you would look, feel, and be once these goals are successfully completed.  If the vision that you have is not one that inspires you to them go ahead and complete these goals, then these are not the right goals for you at that point in time.  If these goals inspire you and in a sense call you to move forward to completing them, then take the next step and begin to implement them.