What is Meditation?

Meditation refers to a range of practices (similar to how the word sports is used) which are techniques that are designed to develop concentration, promote relaxation and clarity, and to slow down and bring awareness to the thoughts in our minds.  The thoughts cannot be stopped so the meditation is to bring a point of focus and stillness to the thoughts.

There are many types of meditation that people practice and some of the more popular ones are:

  1. Mindfulness, which is also called Vipassana from the Buddhist tradition, and is the most popular form of meditation in the western world.
  2. Zazen is also a Buddhist tradition and is seated meditation. It is also used in Zen meditation and is also referredStones 5 to as just sitting.
  3. From Hinduism there is the practice of Transcendental Meditation where a mantra using a sacred word is repeated.
  4. Another form of Hindu meditation is the Kundalini approach to meditation.  The focus of the
    Kundalini mediation is on the breadth which flows to the energy centres of the body.
  5. Qi gong is a form of Taoist meditation that has the approach of using the breath to circulate energy through the organs and the energy centres of the body.
  6. Guided visualisation is a very popular form of meditation that involves the person concentrating on an image or imaginary environment which usually listening to a recording.
  7. Heart Rhythm Meditation focuses on the breath and heartbeat as the approach to meditation.  With the focus on the heart as the centre of the meditation.

By participating in a particular approach to meditation people connect in with how their own mind works and how to train their minds into new ways of being.  With regular practice using a meditation technique the person’s life can transform and they can emerge with a new understanding of it.