What is Leadership?

Anyone can be a manager or supervisor of a team but the person that leads that team is the leader.  This is because leadership is not always through position or authority but through inspiration, persuasion and personal connections.  The leader has the ability to have people follow them and take instructions from them to create a specific result.

In organisations leadership is very important as it defines the direction of the organisation and whether the staff members will join in with this direction or not.  By communicating, motivating, inspiring and engaging people the leader achieves organisational success or not.Stone pile in a Zen Garden with butterfly balanced on a Earth gl

To be an effective leader requires time to learn the core leadership skills.  Through understanding these skills the leader can change company cultures, turn failing companies into successful ones and deliberately create results by enlisting the help of other staff.

Some of the main characteristics of a good leader are:

Purpose- by understanding who and what you are and having the awareness of what your purpose in life is, you then have a high level of self-awareness, self-direction and vision about yourself

Passion- in defining what you are passionate about an effective leader is able to motivate others because others are also motivated to then help the leader

People- having a keen understanding of the key influencers in the organisation and the social networks (formal and informal) is critical to beiing able to lead and influence staff

Pathways- developing your skills at decision making so that you can lead in a complex and agile environment is critical to staying relevant and on top of your game

Prosperity- in understanding what it is to generate prosperity in all areas of your life and how giving and receiving in these areas leads to more prosperity, a leader is then more skilled at creating prosperity

By training and developing your leadership skills in these five areas the leader is are better able to inspire and motivate their team to achieve outstanding results for the organisation.