What is Information Overload?

In today’s busy busy world there is a lot that goes on in people’s minds as they take in and process even more information than ever before.  The internet has meant that there is an explosion of information and that it is now readily available 24/7.  Any question, any opinion, can be researched and answers obtained. Keep your balance in the digital information overload It is no longer limited to people’s immediate friends and family but could be information from someone anywhere in the world.

What this access to instant information about anything has led to is an increased sense of overwhelm as people have attempted to structure in some way all of this information that they now have.  There is so much of it and only some of it is needed now, some may be needed later and some is only needed as reference in case something comes up.

A good example of this is when someone is buying a car.  They need information now on the price and availability of the cars they are looking for.  They will need later when narrowing down which car other information like availability of parts and resale value.  And they may need to know if the manufacturer is planning to discontinue production of that type of car in case something comes up with the car later on.  Whatever the topic by thinking of information in this way can help to start to structure the information and then start to structure how you manage it.