What is Emotional Intelligence for a Leader?

A leader with emotional intelligence is someone that has more emotional self-awareness.  They are more in touch with what they are passionate about, have more compassion for others and are more socially tuned in.  By understanding their emotional states they are more able to direct their emotions and tune in to what is going on around them.

By being self-aware a leader has a clearer picture of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and can improve on the areas that they have identified for development.  There is also a sense of humility that comes out of this awareness as well as in becominButterfly and Water drop and Michele Gennoe and On Purpose Consultingg aware (and knowing about themselves) a leader is then more humble as to their place in the world.

Self-awareness also increases the amount that a leader is then taking responsibility for their emotions and is self-regulating and staying in control in situations.  There are less emotional outbursts, rushed or emotional decisions and judgements about people or their values.

The self-awareness also leads to more self-motivation as the leader is more aware and clearer about their goals.  The emotional drive is stronger to produce higher standards of quality for their work as they are more energised, focused and clear about what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.

In connecting so clearly to what they want to do and why they want it, leaders are able to lead teams to successfully achieve it.  In training, developing and leading their team they get to understand and each of the members well.  They are also able to empathise with their team members as, by having a strong understanding of their own emotions, they are able to put themselves into someone else’s in their teams place.

In leading the team a leader with more emotional intelligence is also able to communicate more openly and be open to hearing good and bad news from the team members.  And at influencing and engaging the team to be excited and involved in the activities of the company.  They set the example of how to lead by their own behaviours and actions.