What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage your emotions.  In managing and recognising your own emotional state and the emotional state of other people you are able to form better and healthier relationships.  Your level of emotional understanding impacts on all aspects of your daily life and how you interact with people in all areas of your life.

Understanding emotions improves communication, empathy with others and can assist in times of conflict.  A higher emotional intelligence can be used to improve relationships with people, have more success at work and lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

In fact when it comes to having a happy and successful life it has been argued that emotional intelligence is just as important as intellectual ability.  So it is important to develop your level of emotional intelligence to bring your emotions into balance as a tool for managing stress, communicating effectively and living a more balanced life.

Some tools to increase your level of emotional intelligence are:??????????????????

Tool 1- reduce your stress in the current moment.  By breathing, relaxing and letting go of the tension in your body.

Tool 2- acknowledge your emotions- everyone gets angry, sad, happy, mad.  Allow yourself to feel all of the different emotions of being human and make it okay.

Tool 3- nonverbal communication.  What are people saying to you with their body language and what are you saying to them?  Try to match your body language with what you are really feeling.

Tool 4- resolve conflict in constructive ways.  The saying agree to disagree is very true.  Not everyone will agree all of the time so agreeing to have different perspectives is important

Tool 5- humour and playing.  Use humour and playfulness to release your emotions and help others to release theirs.  Laughter can lighten all situations.