What is an Implementation Plan?

When an organisation decides that it is going to undertake an activity in an area of the organisation and has worked out what it wants to do to make those changes it then needs to determine how it is going to go ahead and implement those changes.  The way that it implements the changes themselves is known as an implementation plan.

The first step of an implementation plan is to identify all of the people that may be affected by the activities going to be undertaken.  This includes both people directly affected by the changes that are done and people that are indirectly affected, e.g. vendors or suppliers. exclusive delicate concept - butterfly on water in garden In preparing for the other areas of the changes (the communications plan, training plan, activities list, etc.) the people will have already been identified.  So at this point it is a review of this list to ensure that it covers all of the people required.

The next step is to determine what implementation is required and when.  Some implementation may affect the whole organisation and some implementation may be required by different groups and at different stages or times of the changes.  Once it is understood what implementation is required then a list of this implementation is created against each of the people, or groups of people, involved.

With the list of people and list of implementation requirements the next step is to determine who will be supplying what implementation.  If there are technology and non-technology parts to the implementation then it may be a hybrid of internal, external and vendor staff all involved in the implementation.  Whatever the mix of people actually doing the implementation, the key is to have clarity as to how it all fits together and who is responsible for what parts.

With the list of people, the outline of implementation activities and who is doing them when and where in the organisation, the implementation plan is nearly complete.  The final step is the disaster recovery or business interruption (ie Plan B) components to the plan.  If during the implementation something were to go wrong on a very serious scale, then what would be done to ensure business continuity, what is the chain of decision making?  These final parts ensure that all areas are covered when doing an implementation plan.