What is a Training Plan?

What is a Training Plan?

When an organisation decides that it is going to undertake an activity in an area of the organisation then it will supplement the activities with a plan to train staff to adjust to these changes and this is called a training plan.  It may also include training on the new systems, processes and procedures themselves.

The first step of a training plan is to identify all of the people that may be affected by the activities going to be undertaken.  Butterfly with triangleThis includes both people directly affected by the changes that are done and people that are indirectly affected, e.g. vendors or suppliers.  The range of staff may be from permanent staff, contractors, support staff, and management teams.

The next step is to determine what training is required.  Some training may be required by everyone and some may be required by different groups and at different stages or times of the changes.  Once it is understood what training is required then a list of this training is created against each of the people involved.

With the list of people and list of training requirements the next step is to determine who will be supplying what training.  Many training companies do a range of training so one training company may be able to supply all of the training required. The organisation itself may be able to supply all of the training internally. Or a third option is where the training is supplied by a range of training providers.  A hybrid of all of the options available may also be chosen as the best approach to providing the training.

The final step occurs after the training itself where after each training parts has been conducted the results of the feedback from the training sessions should be collated.  The improvement suggestions recommended in the feedback should be acted upon straight away whilst the recent training is fresh in people’s minds.