What is a Mindful Business Plan?

A business plan is when someone who has a business sets out a plan of what they would like to do and achieve through the business in a structured way and typically looks at this for the period of a year. A mindful business plan is a plan that has been created with not only the traditional business plan elements in it but also the 5 areas that create mindfulness of Purpose, Passion, Pathways, People and Prosperity.

The core parts of a typical Business Plan are the strategy, activities, financial and current state analysis. people with gears and butterflies copy The strategy for the business plan compliments the overall strategy for the business by identifying which strategic areas are going to be target that year and determining what is going to be the definition of success.

The activities in the Business Plan are the projects and actions that are going to be implemented in the ICT, HR, Marketing and Operations areas of the business.  These areas are like the engine rooms of the business, providing the processes and structures for activities to be undertaken.  Other areas of activities can be in Sales and Social Media and are complimentary to the business generating revenue and would have specific targets and activities as well.

The Financial activities are determined separately as these include areas such as cash flow, investment and accounts.  Without each of these individual parts of the finance function operating smoothly then the business could fail.  So it means that getting it right for these financial areas is crucial.

The final traditional are of a business plan is a current state analysis.  In this the business looks at its current strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats and determines what actions it may need to take to either protect itself from its weaknesses and threats, or to strengthen itself by capitalising on its strengths and opportunities.

All these traditional areas of the traditional business plan are improved by adding in the mindful areas of Purpose- what is the core DNA of the business, Passion- what is it that the business will and won’t do to operate, Pathways- what are the critical decisions that need to be made now and by whom, People- how do we retain and inspire our staff and Prosperity- how do we give back as a good corporate citizen.