What are Thoughts?

Wiki defines thoughts as “a mental or intellectual activity involving an individual’s subjective consciousness”.  Thoughts emerge out of thinking and are the mental arrangements of ideas, opinions and beliefs about ourselves and about the world around us.  Although there is agreement that everyone has thoughts there is no generally accepted idea as to how thoughts are created.

The act of thinking allows people to interpret and make sense of the world that they are experiencing and then to make decisions and plans about it.  Thoughts underlie human interactions, actions and inactions.Butterfly in a drop of water

Philosophical discussions about thought has ranged from “I think therefore I am” by Descartes, through to “Change your thoughts and change your world” by Peale.  A common expression when someone is in deep reflective thinking is “a penny for your thoughts”.

A thought that is held for a period of time can then become a perspective or attitude towards something.  Life experiences, education and environment can reinforce and support specific thoughts and can colour your point of view.  The more awareness towards your thoughts and how they are being formed then the more choice there is about changing them.

Thoughts are very powerful and can control your life.  They create perception of reality and the perspective of whether that reality is good or bad.  In determining the good or bad thoughts can then influence what people say and do.

There are many types of thoughts that people experience in their lives each day. These thoughts include positive, action, and worrisome thoughts.  Thoughts reflect what is perceived.  So where either positive, action or worrisome situations or activities are perceived, the thoughts then reflect these perceptions.

Thoughts are learned and can be unlearned through training to focus the thoughts differently.  If the person is holding many negative or worrisome thoughts they can also be retrained to focus these thoughts in a more positive way.  This can lead to greatly improved health, reduced stress and more joy in life.