What are some blocks to Mindful Meditation?

When meditating there are some common blocks or problems that people have in trying to meditate.  These blocks are experienced to greater and lesser degrees by people and can be reduced by meditation practice over a period of time.

The first block people experience is that there mind seems to be very busy and try and try as they might it will not focus or settle down.  When starting to do meditation this is very normal and the best way Water butterflyto reduce this is by starting to learn meditation by using guided meditation.
In a guided meditation it gives the mind something to focus on and helps to learn to bring the mind to focus on one thing.  As you practice focusing in guided meditation it becomes easier to do without the guide.

The second block that people think of when they think of meditation is that they don’t have time to meditate.  This is normally because people associate doing meditation with going to an Ashram and spending hours or days doing meditation in a place outside of their normal daily life.  For most people living busy lives the trick is to accept that any time and any place doing meditation is of value to them.  Taking 5 minutes on a bus, 10 minutes waiting for a train, are all places and times that they can meditate.  Closing your eyes and focusing on your breadth will help you to relax and unwind and give you confidence that you can meditate anywhere and anytime.

The third block is the comparison block where people hear about how amazing or wonderful the experiences that other people have and when they hear this feel that their own experiences are not as good. Accepting and appreciating that your experiences are just right for you and that the meditation has helped you to relax, feel better and calmer and more focused in your own life is the gift that you have given yourself.