Michele Gennoe is the Mindful Leadership Lady!

Michele Gennoe Book Launch Mindful Leadership

With over 20 years experience in leadership roles Michele has worked across corporate, government and not for profit sectors as a trusted advisor and consultant for organisations ranging from Shine through to the Department of Education, or Red Cross.Over time the way that we lead and manage businesses has also changed rapidly and evolved into an age where we are almost drowning in the information available whilst being thirsty for the wisdom behind it.

In moving with her family to Western Australia at the age of four Michele learned how to survive profound change and transition from an early age and difficult family dynamics further refined this skill. These early lessons in survival have carried through so that – in life and in business – Michele has been successful and is highly sought after as an authority in the leadership space.

As a keynote presenter, Michele’s authenticity is one of her greatest assets. She has the rare ability to connect with people by holding up a mirror to them and showing them the metaphoric parsley stuck in their teeth, with compassion, conviction and humour.

Michele imparts wisdom generously but with clear expectations – she doesn’t want to leave a warm and fuzzy lasting impression on her audience, she wants to have a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and mindfully lead as a result of what they have learned.
Michele is an award winning business author and presenter not just because her personal story is moving or because she is exceptional at breaking complex issues down into bite-sized pieces (although that certainly helps) but through her compelling examples which are relatable to her audience.  After 20 years as a leader in industries as diverse as banking, media, charity and consulting, she has been there and done it and paid close attention to what works and what doesn’t.

Michele’s advice is a combination of street smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard learned lessons of her own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by Mindful Leaders.

And today Michele is a woman on a mission.

She is passionate about helping leaders to be more mindful so they can live more meaningful, profitable and inspiring lives.  Her latest book, “Mindful Leadership: 7 Steps to transforming your business and your life” is a culmination of her extensive work in the areas of leadership and personal development.

Speaking Topics include

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Mindful Leadership at work
  • Being Mindful of the Stress in your Business
  • Running your Business on Purpose and Profit
  • Personal Branding for your Business
  • Meditation as a tool in your Business
  • Mindful movement to improve Profits and Profitability
  • Mindful team management- when to Do and when to Delegate

Speaking Kit including background about Michele Gennoe can be downloaded here  Michele Gennoe Speakers Kit

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