Clarity… Strategy… Results…

Welcome to On Purpose Consulting, an organisation founded by Michele Gennoe that turns Strategic Transformation into demonstrable business growth by using the latest Leadership Development tools and techniques.  Our mission is to accompany clients on clarifying their journey of business and self awareness whilst strategically working on planning, operations and relationships to deliver successful business results and outcomes.

On Purpose Consulting focuses on aligning and building leadership capacity to model and lead organisational change by viewing all of the organisations systems and relationships through a whole of business perspective.  In working collaboratively with senior teams On Purpose has found that a critical driver of success in organisational change or transformation is the development of the leaders themselves. The main 7 Challenges Leaders face are discussed here in the free download 7 Challenges of Mindful Leaders.

On Purpose’s leadership development is based on a 7 part framework which is responsive to strategic business issues and based on action-interactive learning.  Which is strongly based on moment to moment experiences which create immediate results and benefits to the business, versus the traditional ‘isolated classroom’ style of learning.  In drawing on leading edge thinking, combined with validated strategies to provide best fit to organisations, we are able to develop individual solutions tailored to each client’s situation and circumstances.

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The services that On Purpose provide are for leaders and organisations experiencing significant transformation and who wish to break out of the patterns which they have become trapped in and who need to go through change in a more aware way.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result then the services that we provide are to help leaders and their businesses to break out of their comfort zones of doing the same thing.  By utilising the innate gifts of the mind, intuition and experiences in more structured and purposeful ways.

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